Sometimes I lost my heart in flight and sometimes I fell in love with a divorced friend, love life

Friends, today we are talking about the man whose name was also included in the list of the biggest industrialists of the country. But these days he is running away from the country. Yes, we are talking about Vijay Mallya, Vijay Mallya, after taking loan of crores of rupees from 17 more banks including SBI, are now absconding from the country. Vijay Mallya is in London these days, Government of India is trying its best to bring them back to the country. It seems to be successful to a large extent. Vijay Mallya used to remain in the headlines at one time because of his business as well as his love life.

It is said that Vijay Mallya has done three marriages. And the thing is about love, it has happened many times to them. Vijay Mallya’s first wife is named Sameera Tyabji. Sameera is a former Air Hostess of Air India. Vijay and Sameera met on a 1986 flight. Shortly after, Sameera married Vijay Mallya. Vijaya Mallya was much older than him.

Sameera and Vijay Mallya’s marriage lasted only one year. After this both of them got divorced. Explain that Siddharth Mallya is the son of Sameera and Vijay Mallya.

Vijay Mallya’s second marriage was in 1993 with Rekha. Rekha and Vijay Mallya were childhood friends. When Vijay Mallya came to know about Rekha’s divorce, he talked about marrying Rekha. Vijay Mallya was Rekha’s third husband before she married 2 more people. Rekha also had two children, whose names are Kabir and Laila, both of them were adopted by Vijay Mallya. It also has two daughters Vijay and Rekha named Lyanna and Tanya.

After this, news also came that Vijay Mallya married his own Kingfisher Airlines air hostess Pinky Lalwani abroad. However, there is no firm news about this that he is married to Pinky.

Pinky was seen several times in the IPL with Vijay Mallya. She lives in London along with Vijay Mallya.


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