SI Arju’s marriage to Daroga was to be held in April, further complicating the suicide note

The suicide of the woman sub-inspector Arju Panwar posted in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, is yet to be resolved. His phone is being investigated for possession but the lock of the phone has not been opened yet. Mobile phone call details are also being removed. It is learned that Arju was going to get married in April this year. He had a relationship with a inspector living in Moradabad. There were frequent phone conversations between them. According to Arju’s colleagues, she was normal on the day of the incident. Suddenly everyone is surprised by the news of his suicide. After the postmortem on Saturday, the police handed over the dead body to the next of kin.

Sub-inspector Arju Panwar, originally from Shamli, was posted at the Anoopshahar police station. She lived in a house on rent in the town itself. He committed suicide by hanging himself on Thursday night. After the duty from the police station, Arju Panwar did not come out of the room to eat food, then the landlord went to his room. When she looked through the window when the door was not opened, she was swinging on the noose. A suicidal note from the spot read, “This is the fruit of my actions.” The police are now waiting for the postmortem report and the phone lock to open so that some important evidence can be obtained.

Father’s request – ‘Police brought administration to the truth’

CO Vandana Sharma said that Arju was to be married in April. She was also in charge of the anti Romeo campaign. At the same time, Krishna Pal Singh, the father of the sub-inspector, told that she had come to Anoop Shah just a few days ago after cutting her leave. There was no problem in the house. It is the request of the police and the administration to bring the truth of the matter to the fore.

Transfer of female inspector

After the suicide of the Sub Inspector, SSP Bulandshahar has transferred the woman Inspector Aruna Rai posted at Anoopshahar police station to Aurangabad police station. Police officials say that the investigation is being conducted by taking possession of the phone of the female sub-inspector. SSP Santosh Kumar Singh told that only after opening the lock of the phone, it will be known who the woman doctor had last talked to.

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