She was in love with a married actor, had to slap in front of everyone

Friends Bollywood Industry An industry where love, divorce and marriage are common. Sometimes the news of someone’s divorce makes headlines, or sometimes the news of someone’s breakup keeps making headlines. Many such news also comes up where married actresses fall in love with someone else. Today we are going to tell you one such news which these days are getting lot of headlines.

The famous actress on the small screen review Jaiswal has carved a niche for herself in the hearts of everyone with the TV serial Mehak. In this serial, his costar is Karan Vohra. The reviews and closeness of Karan Vohra grew so much during this serial that Karan forgot that he was already married. While on one hand the reviews liked him, on the other hand, Karan also fell in love with him.

The case caught fire when this love affair started with love. The news of these two loves spread throughout the industry. As soon as this happened, Karan’s wife Bella Vohra also reached. On discovering this, Bella was very angry and went to talk to the review on the set of Serial Mehak. Bella wanted the review to realize her mistake, in the meantime she slapped the review, which surprised everyone.

Karan realizes his mistake after this whole incident. And they distanced themselves from the review. Their serial is also closed. Karan is leading a happy life with his wife. The reviews are still single. People are missing their pair a lot, fans say that these two looked very good together.


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