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Shahrukh gave an opportunity to come and live in his house, just have to do this small work


Shahrukh Khan often keeps doing many things which are quite special in themselves. By the way, let me tell you that Shahrukh Khan has two beautiful bungalows present in India. He has one house in Mumbai, which is named Mannat and another house is in Delhi, the capital of his country. This house is very old and this house is designed by Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan and this house itself looks very beautiful and beautiful, you must have guessed it from the photo itself.

Shahrukh Khan has put together a contest with the company called AirBnB to take this house, in which you can get a chance to stop at his house for a couple of valentines time and have all kinds of fun there.

For this, you will have to take part by visiting a contest on their own site, in which Shah Rukh Khan has to tell you what it means for you to welcome open arm welcome. You have to do it before 30th November and those who give a very good and excellent answer will get a chance to stay in Shah Rukh Khan’s house for two nights as a guest and they can enjoy there.

If you also live in the vicinity of Delhi and are planning a similar vacation plan, then you can bet on it because you do not have anything to go in it and the mill has been a lot. AirBnB keeps doing such things often so that people like to go out and promote things like tourism and people live quite well.

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