Seeing CM at home on New Year, the elderly lady was excited, had once made several rounds for a meeting.

Recently, a picture came out of Madhya Pradesh, which anyone would get emotional by seeing. In fact, on the occasion of New Year, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached his house in Indore to meet people. He met some families in Panchsheel Nagar of Indore and also gave him some gifts, congratulating him on the new year.

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During this time he also met an elderly woman. The elderly woman started crying after seeing the Chief Minister. Actually it had met the Chief Minister earlier also. In such a situation, when she saw the Chief Minister at the lady’s house, she got emotional and started crying. At the same time, the woman told that she had made several rounds to meet him at one time.

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Let the state Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reach Indore, met many families living in Panchsheel Nagar near the airport and also know their well being. During this time, after meeting people, he greeted them for the new year and also gave some gifts to the children.

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The Chief Minister then arrived in Shirdi. When he came to know that a child living there was ill, he immediately ordered the authorities to treat the child. After which the child was admitted to the Super Specialist Hospital in Indore, where the child is undergoing treatment in the hospital.


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