Sanchi shines in Dortmund’s victory

Dortmund, 4 January (IANS). England’s forward Jayden Sancho’s first goal of the season in the league helped Borussia Dortmund beat Volsburg 2–0.

As per BBC reports, both teams were goalless in the first half on Sunday. But in the second half, Manuel Akanji scored through a header to put Dortmond ahead 1-0. Sancho then scored from a corner in injury time to give Dortmund a 2–0 victory.

Sanche scored 17 goals in the Bundesliga last season. This is Sanche’s sixth goal for his club and country in 2020-21. After this win, Dortmund’s team is at number four in the table with 25 points.

This is the second consecutive defeat for the Volsberg team in the last three matches.



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