Salman’s heart is now on 23 years younger actress, but she is enemy’s sister

Superstar Salman Khan is not interested in anyone’s introduction today. Salman does not like to look back at him once if he has enmity with anyone. Just as Salman’s friendship is beneficial, as well as his enmity is also harmful, if anyone takes enmity with Salman Khan, then Saturn’s condition is felt, if we talk about the time, then along with Salman Khan’s fans. Enemies also have a long list, and Salman does not care about the list of these enemies, today we are going to tell about that actress, not Salman.

On which Salman’s heart has come, let us know that this actress is almost 23 years younger than Salman, the actress we are talking about here is none other than Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti has worked in films like Ishqzaade ‘,’ Dawat-e-Ishq ‘,’ Golmaal Again ‘, the actress is known for her excellent acting as well as beauty.

In the film ‘Ishqzaade’, actor Arjun Kapoor was also seen along with Parineeti Chopra, let us know that Ajman was inspired by Salman to act, so Ajurn considers Salman as his mentor when the trailer of Arjun Ishqzaade was shown to Salman He became obsessed with Parineeti’s acting, that is, he liked this actress’s acting very much.

During an interview, Arjun himself said that Salman Khan liked Parineeti very much and was very happy to see her acting, but it is surprising that Parineeti is the cousin sister of actress Priyanka Chopra and Priyanka Salman’s list of enemies. I come to talk to each other, I do not like to see the face of each other, now to see if the hostility between Salman and Priyanka is ending

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