Salman Khan’s sister divorced, took up messing with Salman, no longer working in films

Bollywood’s Dabangg Salman Khan is a friend of friends, but if someone messes up with him, they never forget him. Salman Khan is such an artist of the industry with whom all the big film makers want to work, in such a way, if someone messes with them, then the film makers definitely take permission from their brother before working with that person. First Vivek Oberoi had messed up his brother who could not find any movies till date and after this, Salman Khan’s sister was divorced and this actor took it from brother, then Salman made it difficult to get movies .

Pulkit married Salman’s slang sister Shweta Rohira in 2014. Salman loves Shweta like Alvira and Arpita, Salman gifted a car and flat to Pulkit as a brother, and sister’s husband ie brother-in-law. Being Salman was a great help to Pulkit in the industry, friends like you all know that those who screw up with Salman Khan take everything by putting it on Dao because after that they find it difficult to get work. Actor Pulkit Samrat did something similar, and his career is now tired. Pulkit married Salman Khan’s slang sister Shweta Rohira in 2014.

Salman loves his sister like Alvira and Arpita and gave a flat with a car at the wedding. Salman started helping Pulkit as Salman’s brother-in-law when he married Pulkit. In the industry, he got many films due to Salman Khan but now he is not getting films and according to the source, the film makers are afraid that if Salman Khan may never work with him if he works with Pulkit.

Pulkit and Shweta had a love marriage. A few months before the wedding, the two met and the two started liking each other. Salman Khan was also very happy with this relationship but when Pulkit left Salman’s sister, he did not like them. Salman got Pulkit and Shweta married and spent a lot in it.

Shweta’s happiness did not last long and both got divorced after one year and both started living separately. Salman Khan stopped Pulkit’s advancing career. After the divorce, Pulkit did films like O Teri, Juniyat and Sanam Ray which flopped at the box office. Now even the film producers do not want to give them work and Pulkit’s Bollywood career seems to be over now. Now whether they get a film ahead or not, will the coming time tell that Pulkit’s career is really over?

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