Sai will work as coach and assistant coach to Olympians, Paralympians

New Delhi, 14 January (IANS). The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has decided to appoint Olympians and Paralympians as coaches and assistant coaches at its various National Centers of Excellence (NCOES).

Sai said in a statement on Thursday that the recruitment process has already started and 23 assistant coaches and four coaches will be appointed under it. Olympic and Paralympians are eligible to apply as assistant coaches and medalists can apply directly for coaches that belong to the Group A category.

Selected instructors will be required to obtain a diploma in sports coaching conducted by the National Sports Institute- Patiala if they have not already taken the course in the course.

Union Sports Minister Kiran Ririju said, “The Sports Ministry and SAI are constantly striving to recognize the achievements of their sports heroes, as well as we want to ensure that they live a life of honor and comfort.”

He said, this decision to employ Olympians and Paralympians is the government’s way of appreciating their service to the nation, as well as attracting the best talent for coaching from the sports world. Coaches are the backbone of the sports ecosystem.

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