Rohit and Gill pair set world record in match against Australia, read in detail here

Live hindi news: – The third match between India and Australia is currently being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Australia won the toss and were elected to bat first. Accordingly, the Australian team finished their first innings of the second day’s game and were all-out at 338. The most star player of the team, Steve Smith, scored a century.Rohit and Gill pair set world record in match against Australia, read in detail here

Subsequently, the Indian team started playing their first innings. Despite winning the second match, there was a lack of starter space. Rohit Sharma and Chapman Gill were the opening batsmen at this time. The pair performed well against strong bowling partners such as Stark, Cummins, Hazelwood, Nathan Lyon.

The pair especially lasted 27 overs before taking the first wicket in the 27th over. Rohit Sharma, who played well, was dismissed for 26 runs. Then Gill, another player who showed his best game, scored 50 and lost the game. Now 10 years later, Rohit Sharma and Gill have set a new world record in Test cricket.

Gill 2

The pair set the record for the longest running opening match in a foreign Test match since 2010. Standing for 27 overs, the pair fought hard for the first wicket. It is also worth noting that for the first time in the last 14 innings, the pair have crossed half-centuries.

Gill 1

Gill, who achieved his place by playing well in the last match, also has a half-century in this match and it looks like he will remain a starter in Test cricket. Rohit, an action player, is playing well for the Indian team in all three forms of cricket.

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