Riya Chakraborty will comeback in 2021, director Rumi Jafri confirmed

Filmmaker Rumi Jaffrey for actress Riya Chakraborty, deeply trapped in suspicion in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has said that Riya will return to her job very soon next year. However, Rumi has not told whether he will get Riya back from one of his films or whether another filmmaker or director is in talks with Riya on a project. During an interview, Rumi also revealed Rhea’s latest condition.

Rumi Jaffrey is one of the close friends of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and actress Riya Chakraborty. Rumi said that she has met Riya a while back and has assured Riya that the film industry will welcome her with an open heart. Regarding Rhea’s latest situation, Rumi says that Riya is very quiet these days, she speaks very little. Rumi says that whatever happened and the situation through which Riya went through, she had no fault. As soon as the matter is calm, Riya will definitely have some important things which she will keep in front.

Continuing her talk, Rumi says, ‘This year was very difficult for him. Of course this year was very bad for everyone but it was more difficult for them. Can you guess what will happen if a girl from a middle class family spends a month in jail? This incident has completely crushed his morale. However, Riya will return to her job very soon next year. ‘ Although a film by Riya is already ready but it has not been released yet.

Directed by Rumi Jaffrey, the film ‘Faces’ was scheduled to release in July this year, but the film could not be released due to Corona virus. And, now its producers are delaying because even though the film has actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi and Krystal D’Souza, Riya’s presence can give the film a facelift. At present, there has been no announcement from the producers about this film.
Here, there is talk of Riya returning to the film industry, but it is also not hidden from anyone that Riya is no longer getting a house to live in a society in Mumbai. Recently, Riya’s parents were seen wandering the streets of her house in Khar area of ​​Mumbai. It is being told that Riya has been asked to vacate the house from the society where Riya lives with her family in Santacruz. Actually, the society is upset with the media gathering for the day, so they have raised objections.

This is the New Year and now Rumi Jaffrey’s film ‘Face’ is not even being talked about, that film was completed by the entire team in the last days of December. Last year, on the occasion of New Year, Riya was celebrating the completion of this film on social media. But, as Rumi Jaffrey said, her life has changed so much now that Riya neither laughs nor speaks. Riya returned after getting bail from jail, but her happiness has not returned yet.

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