Rishabh Pant played a storming innings in Australia, despite a hand injury

The third match between India and Australia ended today at the Sydney ground. In which Team India had to chase a score of 407 runs, in which the batsmen of Team India were able to score only 334 runs. In such a situation, the draw of the match became the biggest responsibility of Team India and the XI played it well, as a result the match was drawn. At the same time, Rishabh Pant was injured while batting in the last innings, yet he made a brilliant half-century while performing well in the second innings of the third Test.

Rishabh Pant suffered an elbow injury

Rishabh Pant

Actually in the playing field in Sydney Rishabh Pant While batting, he suffered an elbow injury when he faced 67 balls. Painted Cummins, playing the role of bowling for Australia on the pitch, was elbowed to the left of Rishabh Pant, after which he was seen in pain. After which he was immediately given medical relief by the medical staff, but he was in severe pain. After which Pant was found to be practicing without a band in a net apart from the match.

Pant’s batting was like this

Rishabh Pant

Pant is the only player in Team India who has scored more than 25 runs for the 10th time, batting brilliantly against Australia. Pant has made a great batsman by scoring 50 runs in 64 balls. You will be happy to know that apart from Pant, no team that has toured Australia has been able to bat in this way maximum 8 times.

Hanuma Vihari also performed brilliantly despite injury

Rishabh Pant

Hanuma Vihari, who was included in the XI, was injured while batting in the middle order on the fifth day of the third Test. At the same time, when the physio saw his situation, he advised Vihari to go off the ground, but Hanuma Vihari decided to return to the pitch, realizing his need in the team. Where after Pujara was dismissed, he batted sensibly with Ashwin. In which he played a part in scoring 23 runs with Ashwin making 39 runs.

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