Reveal of serviceman Manmeet Singh: Bhaiyyuji Maharaj’s wife Aayushi used to use a sim of my own name.

In the Bhagyu Maharaj suicide case, the trial of Mahameet’s serviceman Manmeet Singh was completed on Tuesday. He admitted that Sim’s name was used by Maharaj’s wife Ayushi. Let me tell you that he never objected to this. However, after the death of Maharaj, he stopped this sim. Manmeet Singh also told the court that Maharaj had never told about mental harassment by the accused Vinayak or Sharad. The case will continue to be heard on Wednesday. A witness has been summoned on this day.
So far, statements of Maharaj’s daughter Kuhu and his two sisters have been made in the Bhayu Maharaj suicide case. Maharaj shot and committed suicide on 12 June 2018. The police arrested Palak, Sharad and Vinayak, who served them, on charges of abetting Maharaj for suicide. On the last hearing, the court issued a warrant for another serving servant of Maharaj, summoning him for his statement. Advocate Dharmendra Gurjar, appearing for the accused, said that the witness appeared on Tuesday. In retrospect, he stated that he had been with Maharaj on many journeys. Hours before the suicide, Maharaj spoke to her on the phone. Maharaj had never told about Vinayak or Sharad being mentally tortured. Manmeet Singh also mentioned that his name was used by Sim Maharaj’s wife Ayushi. He gave this sim to Maharaj. After the death of Maharaj, he himself had the SIM stopped.

Debate over the application of the accused

On the previous hearing, the accused had submitted an application in the court and demanded that a copy of the electronic device, mobile, laptop seized from the police be given to them. The government has responded to the application. The court will hear the debate in the case on the next hearing.

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