Removal of Deputy CM Keshav is not easy, BJP’s big political investment is at stake

With the taking of voluntary retirement (VRS) of Gujarat cadre IAS officer Arvind Kumar Sharma, who has held important responsibility in the Prime Minister’s Office, the discussion has intensified that both the deputy CMs of the state are being removed. But the way the BJP has made a huge political investment on Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya within the last few years, it does not seem possible. Political experts believe that there is a high possibility that a third deputy CM may be made in the state.

Arvind Kumar Sharma, resident of Mau in UP, has been considered close to PM Narendra Modi. Considering the meeting of PM Modi and CM Yogi last week before taking his VRS, there is speculation that AK Sharma may get important responsibility in Yogi government. It is also being said that either both Deputy CM Keshav Prasad and Dr. Dinesh Sharma will be removed or there will be three deputy CMs in the state. On the other hand, there is also discussion that there will be only two deputy CMs in the state with AK Sharma.

However some people of the party also say that the synergy between Yogi and Keshav is not very good. But most people do not accept this. Most say that when we talk of Deputy Chief Minister of the state, Keshav Prasad, his stature in BJP is increasing continuously. For the first time in 2012, Keshav Prasad Maurya, who was elected MLA from Sirathu, has been continuously promoted in BJP.

In 2014, MP Phulpur and in 2016, he held the post of BJP state president and in 2017, he was deputy CM. He is now also counted among the national leaders of the party. Due to strong penetration among backward class voters, the party high command also sent him to the Maharashtra elections. He had to rally in Bihar elections too, but due to corona infection he could not participate in the campaign for Bihar elections.

Keshav activated in West Bengal

Keshav has now been entrusted with the important responsibility of the elections to be held in West Bengal. While Keshav held a road show in Hooghly Lok Sabha constituency during his tour of Bengal on Wednesday, he reached the Nabopura Gachhi village in Hooghly and took food at the party’s booth president Podip Baul Das. Party leaders and activists are also using the slogan given by Keshav Prasad Maurya for the Bengal elections – Shri Krishna Hare-Hare, BJP Ghare-Ghare.

Deputy CM activism is more visible in city northern

During the last few months in Prayagraj, Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya seems to be more active in the city northern assembly. He also laid the foundation stone of two rail overbridges within a month, before the elections due next year. Earlier, he also laid the foundation stone of a six-lane bridge in Ganga last year. One end of this bridge will also remain in the northern city. It is also being said that Keshav Maurya can contest elections from the northern city next year.

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