Ranbir-Alia Bhatt and Deepika-Ranveer returned to Mumbai after celebrating New Year in Ranthambore, see photos ………….

It is common to have a love affair breakup in Bollywood’s corridors. Often we hear that these actors or actresses were in a relationship or they are their ex girlfriends. Such things keep coming in Bollywood corridors. This thing is common in Bollywood. Recently, the famous actor of the country who has ruled the hearts of the people since the 80s. Rishi Kapoor’s son and well-known young actor Ranveer Kapoor and the country’s most expensive actress Deepika Padukone were seen together.

Right now, Ranbir Kapoor has gone to visit Rajasthan with his new girl friend Alia Bhatt, while actress Deepika Padukone has come to hang out with her husband actor Ranveer Singh, during which they have met each other. She has come to visit Ranthambhore National Park, a place of refuge. During the movie Gully Boy, Deepika Padukone’s husband Ranveer Singh was seen in Bollywood during the filming of Ranbir Kapoor’s close friend Alia Bhatt.

Actress Deepika Padukone and actor Ranveer Singh were observing the beauty of Ranthambore National Park in an open jeep. Let me tell you that this sanctuary is famous worldwide for the Indian tiger. One can be happy to see the delightful places here. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia From the dating with Bhatt, there is news in the sources that both of them are going to get married. Till now no news has come from any family side but it is being said that soon both of them are going to get married.

Deepika is wearing a green color jacket and wearing a light mask during the jungle safari, she was looking very beautiful in it. It is said that Deepika Padukone did not know that Ranbir Kapoor is coming here. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s photo is getting viral on social media. His look is being liked a lot. Ranveer Singh is called a native actor in Bollywood.


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