Rajesh Khanna had already realized that now he will not be saved, expressed desire to meet this actress at the last moment

There have been many such stars in our Bollywood who may not be in this world today but their memories are still in the heart of the people and today we are going to talk about one such superstar who has made history in the film industry. Was created and he is none other than the legendary Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna and it has been a full 8 years for Rajesh Khanna and even today his name is taken with respect in the Bollywood world and the fans still remember him very much And it is said about them that a superstar like them has never come before or will ever come.

Bat De Rajesh Khanna was a very well known and veteran actor of Bollywood and his cheerful nature was liked by everyone and his acting in films was so amazing that he used to work in any of those films. Most of the films used to be super hit and people with open heart used to call them as Baka with love and Rajesh Khanna is considered as the first superstar of the film industry. Tell me Rajesh Khanna was born on 29 December 1942 and was 69 In the age of 2012, he said goodbye to this world and the fans have not forgotten the sadness of his departure even today and people still remember him heartily.

Tell me that Rajesh Khanna had spent his last time with great pain. Tell me that Rajesh Khanna had left this world very early and the reason for this was his wrong addiction because he had such a bad addiction of alcohol. He used to be immersed in alcohol day and night and due to this, his stardom slowly came to an end and he started living under much stress due to this reason and due to this he was very weak when he was spending his last time and Used to spend his day in very loneliness.

Tell that a close friend of Rajesh Khanna had shared this information about him that Rajesh Khanna had guessed a long time ago that now he will not be able to live much and his friend told that when Rajesh Khanna was When he came to know about a serious disease like cancer, he was very upset and he wanted to quit his alcohol and cigarette addiction and tried hard for it but still failed and his The friend had told that Rajesh Khanna was a big fan of Bollywood actress Mumtaz and both of them worked in many hit films together and their pair was also very much on screen.

When Rajesh Khanna was taking his last breath in the hospital, Mumtaz also came to meet him and seeing him, Rajesh Khanna became very emotional and could not stop his tears. Tell me that Rajesh Khanna stopped his speech long ago. They had done it, but when Mumtaz came to meet them, Rajesh Khanna just talked to them and they told them that they should have played the role of Basanti in Sholay and Rajesh Khanna was silent while speaking so much.

Tell his friend that Rajesh Khanna was also very keen to take his last breath at his house, but it could not happen and he said goodbye to the world in the hospital itself.


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