PUB G launches LITE version, can download like this

PUBG Mobile Lite update has been released. You can also download this light version of PUBG Mobile easily.

No high speed internet required for PUBG

Pub G launches Lite version, can download like this

This lighter version of PUBG Mobile has been brought for users whose smartphones are not the latest models. This means that PUBG Mobile Lite runs in a smartphone that does not have much RAM and storage capacity and also does not require high speed internet connection. The new version of this game is trending a lot for the last few months. Now the update of the new version of this game has also come. Let’s see how we can download the new update of this game.

Version of this game is not available in India

Pub G launches Lite version, can download like this

Currently, no version of this game is available in India, but only 0.20.0 version of this game was launched last month. Users outside India can download it through APK file or TapTap.

PUBG Mobile Lite game’s APK file size is 75 MB. But users will have to download it completely. Users have to be careful while downloading the game. While downloading, allow the installation from unknown sources, special care has to be taken as it is very important for safety and privacy. After the installation process is complete, players will be able to play the game and they will also get updates of the game from time to time.

Download via TapTap

Pub G launches Lite version, can download like this

The way to download this game from TapTap is also easy. Users will have to search PUBG Mobile Lite on TapTap’s website. After downloading and installing PUBG Mobile, users will be able to enjoy this game and the game will be updated.

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