Priyank Sharma, furious over Vikas Gupta, raised questions related to relationship

Everyday the uproar and revelations in the Bigg Boss house are quite a surprise to the people. In the recent episode, Vikas Gupta made a big disclosure about his sexuality. He told that he was in a relationship with the man with whom he was also a part of the Bigg Boss house for the last year and a half before coming to the season.

He disclosed this without naming him, but with the mentioning of the names of the two together in the Bigg Boss season, people themselves guessed that Vikas Gupta was talking about Priyank Sharma.

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After this, people constantly put Priyank Sharma in the circle of questions on sexuality. Priyank Sharma has broken the silence on this matter after continuously hearing good and bad about himself on social media. During this time, the Hatters gave a befitting reply to the questions arising on their sexuality.

While sharing his picture on his Instagram story, he wrote that he heard him talking nonsense about me .. who, where, when and how? Keep that vibe… that feeling even when we meet and bump into each other.

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After this, Priyank Sharma also posted a post on his Instagram and wrote- ‘Do not believe this organically bro, if becoming a real G, come home to handle bro, my whole house is awesome bro, tell the truth, my everything is hard bro, home Mother Bro, Thar Bro to walk, Mal Bro to drink, Sal Bro to live, Than Bro to fly, Sean unmatched bro, ever come to know me Bro … Now ask about yourself…. ‘

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It is known that in a recent episode, Vikas Gupta revealed atrocities on himself without naming anyone. He said that he was in a relationship with a man for a year and a half. He has been trying to emerge from these four and a half years. Along with this, Vikas Gupta also said that now he is determined that after getting out of the house, he will now tell him and take his name in front of everyone .. Now he has no fear of anyone.

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Tell me that in the month of July this year, Vikas has revealed about his sexuality. During this, while sharing a video on his Instagram, he had said that he is bisexual and is revealing that he is getting fed up with blackmailing them. He has decided very courageously that now he wants to live his life openly in front of the world.


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