Home Entertainment Popular Bollywood actress Sana Khan marries Maulana Mufti, photos go viral

Popular Bollywood actress Sana Khan marries Maulana Mufti, photos go viral


Often people associated with Bollywood seem to be different from religion and religious things and if you look at them, then they do not mean much to them, but if you see actress Sana Khan, then she looks more like these and now this thing Has recently come true. Famous and popular film actress Sana Khan has married and the person whom Sana has married is not an actor or businessman or a person of their type.

The one whom Sana Khan has married is the Mufti Anas of Surat and Sana got married to Anas on this November 20 and this marriage has been very well and grandly. These pictures of Sana Khan’s marriage with Mufti Anas have also become fiercely viral, on which people are giving their own responses.

Where Sana is wearing a white dress and white hijab at the wedding, Mufti Anas is also wearing white colored clothes. Many people are congratulating him on this, then there are many people who are also surprised at this. Well it is not that Sana has done something like this for the first time. Sana was doing very well in Bollywood in Sharu and she has also done films like Jai Ho and Reason Tum Ho.

Later, she also appeared in Bigg Boss, but then it was reported that she had spoken to the industry bye and she was engaged in living a religious life. Since then she was missing and now suddenly she has come into the headlines by marrying with Mufti Anas.

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