Poonam Pandey’s Instagram account hacked, this fear is haunting the actress

Poonam is very active on social media, her fans number in millions. The reason is his bold pictures and his extremely bold videos. There are reports that Poonam Pandey’s Instagram account has been hacked, due to which she is afraid of misusing it. The actress has also shared this information with fans for security reasons.

Poonam Pandey succumbed to cybercrime

Actress Poonam Pandey has become a victim of cybercrime, she is afraid that her Insta account may not be used in a wrong way. He has also informed his fans. Poonam’s fans have joined her on Twitter, along with Poonam has also created a new page, on which they have shared information that their account has been hacked and users are taking note of any activity by them. Do not give

Arrested with her husband

Poonam Pandey was arrested sometime back along with her husband Sam Bombay. The two were arrested for shooting a pornographic video on Goa beach. But soon he was released by the police. Earlier, Poonam had reached the police station two days after her marriage, accusing her husband Sam of domestic violence. However, soon there was a reconciliation between the two.

Poonam Pandey is worried

However, Poonam Pandey is very upset at the moment, she is scared due to her account being hacked. Poonam, in a conversation with the Times of India, revealed that Poonam Pandey said that she is very upset due to the Instagram account being hacked, because she is very active on social media, her account was hacked by her followers. Are being unfairly overcome. She is currently trying to contact officials so that she can get her account back.

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