Piyush Goyal threatens farmers We have a list of 40 organizations of you people, do not open your mouth

Farmers’ organizations remain deadlocked over the three new agricultural laws introduced by the BJP. Talks between farmers’ organizations and the government were held on 30 December to discuss the agenda, including the modalities for withdrawal of agricultural laws. But no result has been fully achieved yet.

On one hand, the Prime Minister of the country is saying that the government is completely dedicated to strengthening the farmers and agriculture sector. At the same time, BJP leaders have come out to threaten farmers’ organizations.

A video of BJP leader and Union Minister Piyush Goyal and farmer leaders has surfaced on social media.

Which can be gauged by how true the claims of the Modi government are. The video has been shared by journalist Vinod Kapri on Twitter.

Sharing this, he wrote that “Union Minister #PiyushGoyal, who threatens farmers leaders publicly after 30 Dec talks:” We have LIST of 40 organizations of you. Do not open your mouth too much. “

See the style and style of saying. Given this arrogance, who would say that this government is serious about the farmers’ movement. “

In the video, it can be seen in which tone Union Minister Piyush Goyal is talking with the farmer leaders. Can one see that BJP is a farmer friendly government?

In the seventh round of talks between the farmers’ organizations and the government, some aspects are being agreed to be agreed. But as of now, the MSP is not being guaranteed to the farmers.

Let us tell you that 40 farmer organizations of the country have united in front of Delhi against the agricultural laws of the government. Farmers say that these new laws will weaken the MSP system and the mandi system, it will only benefit the lying corporates.

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