Permission received after 28 years to participate in Ramlala’s evening aarti everyday, will be issued

As the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya is in progress, a great news has come to the devotees of Ramlala and the temporary temple of the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi complex has now got the approval of the devotees for the Lord’s Aarti and due to this There is an atmosphere of happiness all over the country. The same government has also made this rule that the threat of corona virus is not averted in the country, due to the devotion and strict security arrangements in the aarti of devotees Ramlala Shamil will be able and only 30 visitors will be included in the grand aarti of Ramlala every day.

The same will be made for all the devotees who join Lord Shri Ram’s Aarti and only 30 passes will be released in a day and any devotee who is released will be able to attend the Lord’s Aarti and worship and also All the rules issued by the administration have to be followed by the devotees. Tell us that the aarti of Ramlala will start from 6 pm and all the devotees attending this aarti will have to reach the entrance on time and obey all the conditions. You will get entry inside the temple.

Along with this, many rules have been made to participate in the puja, such as you will be thoroughly examined before going to the temple premises and no electric goods are allowed inside and any devotees carrying cameras or mobile phones are allowed in the premises. Can not go and no fee will be brought from the devotees to visit the temple premises.

Tell that all the arrangements for the convenience of the devotees have been made in the temple premises, and pure water, free space to sit, security from monkeys etc. have been made in the temple and after a long wait, Ram devotees are now ordered for their darshan Due to this, it has got a lot of enthusiasm among the devotees and there is a flow of devotees in the temple premises.

For your information, tell us all this information has been given by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust and it has been told that a pass will be given to all the devotees who attend Ramlala’s Aarti, in which bar code is also arranged and barcode This pass containing the containing will be given to 30 devotees every day and only after showing this pass at the entrance, the willing devotees will get admission and devotees will now be able to join this grand aarti.

Tell me that this arrangement has been made to see Ramlala so that the temple premises do not get too crowded and it can be done in a very peaceful manner. At this time there is a danger of corona in the whole country and this Due to this, more people have not been allowed to attend the puja in the temple and the same has also been informed by the temple trust that in the coming time, more than 100 devotees should also be allowed to visit.

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