People call this young man ‘Mowgli’, he spends long time alone in the forest

Mowgli children have been listening to this story for many years and since every child’s childhood, this song “Jungle jungle baat chali jaat hai jaana hai” is associated and many a girl had to live in the jungle like Mowgli because she got Mowgli many He used to talk to animals and his life was also liked by the girl.

By the way, tell me that you can see the character of Mowgli in real life too, yes, we are going to tell you about Mowgli of real life today, Mowgli will be seen in a small body of Africa Mahadeep in Rwanda. Real name is Ellie. She is 21 years old.

Let me tell you that he is suffering from a serious disease which is called microcephaly.The doctor says that in the disease, the head of a human becomes much larger than other people, as well as there is a difficulty in hearing them. Born after 5 children.

Ellie’s mother tells that not one of them was alive, Ellie had an illness since childhood and was struggling with it and he never even went to school, the same children and elders used to make fun of him and he was more in the forest Time was spent and he started felling trees and talking to trees. Elli and his mother’s people helped him through the campaign, he received more than 2 lakhs of money. Much about his story on media and social media Discussion goes on.



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