Pakistan’s new JF-17 Thunder Block-Three, Rafael of India ….

Preparations have been started for the block-three of Pakistan Air Force’s latest fighter aircraft JF-17. While fourteen JF-17B aircraft made in collaboration with China have been handed over to Pakistan Air Force. These aircraft have been prepared by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). Double seater JF-17B aircraft join Pakistan Air Force fleet and A ceremony was held at Kamra Airbase on Wednesday to start production of JF-17 Block-Three.

How are JAF-17Bs different from pre-existing JAF-17s?

Pakistan Air Force spokesman Ahmar Raza told the BBC that the new JF-17B model aircraft joining the Pakistan Air Force has two seats. It will be used mostly for training. However, these capabilities are similar to those of the already existing JF-17 aircraft. “Missiles and radars in the new aircraft are similar to the old ones.

Only one seat has been added in the new model, so that the second pilot can also sit and we can use these aircraft in training. ”Pakistan Air Force says that their arrival will increase the military power. Because these aircraft are fully capable of fulfilling all training requirements, as well as in all types of combat operations.

What is block three?

In addition to JAF-17B joining the Pakistan Air Force, Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal has also inaugurated the production of Block-Three of JAF-17 Thunder on Wednesday. According to Pakistan Air Force, the JF-17 aircraft of Block-Three will be the most advanced model. This will help the Pakistan Air Force to maintain a counter-balance in the changing situation in the region.

The JF-17 will be a fighter jet of the block-three fourth generation.

A spokesman for the Pakistan Air Force stated that “Block-three is the next weight of JF-17”. In which new radars will be installed. The aircraft of this weapon will also be equipped with new and modern weapons and missiles. The capability of electronic warfare will also be enhanced and improved from all angles. “

Retired Air Marshal Maqsood Akhtar says the JF-17 aircraft of Block-Three will have ‘active electronically secondary radar’ and will have better missiles. “The block-three JF-17 aircraft will be equipped with air-to-ground and air-to-air weapons. These aircraft will be included in the fourth generation. ” Claims are being made about the JF-17 block-three that it will be better than the Rafale aircraft of India.

A Pakistan Air Force spokesman said, “Of course this kind of analysis is absolutely correct, rather block-three would be better than Rafal in many things. This will be the aircraft that can compete with Rafael. ” However, Adil Sultan, head of the Strategic Studies of Air University, says that “100 percent cannot say so”.

Explaining his point, he said, “We compare everything in the context of Pakistan and India. Each aircraft has its own role. JF-17 block-three missiles and radars are better than Rafale-based missiles and radars. In this context, we can say that, this aircraft may be slightly better than Rafale, but many more things have to be seen when comparing planes. “

What are the capabilities of the JF-17 Thunder?

Retired Air Marshal Maqsood Akhtar said about the importance of 14 double-seater JF-17B aircraft joining the Pakistan Air Force, that these aircraft are very important for Pakistan in terms of export. “Whenever we talked to a customer, they used to say that we need double-seater aircraft for training and these planes are specially designed for this reason.”

Pakistan has acquired the capability to manufacture these aircraft only with the help of China and according to experts the aircraft is a multi-functional, lightweight, fourth generation multi-role air craft. The aircraft also has facilities for manufacturing, upgrading and ‘overhauling’ the country. Are available inside only. Which means that Pakistan does not need any other country for the preparation of this aircraft.

According to defense experts, the JF-Thunder aircraft, like the F-16 Falcon, is an all-weather multi-aircraft aircraft with light weight as well as all-weather ground and air. The aircraft is equipped with long-range missiles. JF-17 Thunder killed the MiG of the Indian Air Force after the Balakot incident with a BVR (Beyond Visual Range) missile with this capability. This is why JF-17 Thunder was praised.

The JF-17 Thunder also has the same state-of-the-art radar, which is considered to be a major feature of Rafal. This aircraft is capable of firing missiles by locking the target. The range of the missile is stated to be 150 kilometers and it follows its target exactly as shown in many Hollywood films.

The JF-17 Thunder is capable of ground surveillance along with enemy surveillance and airstrikes on the ground. The aircraft is also capable of using weapons other than air-to-ground, air-to-air and air-to-water missile systems.

When did Pakistan start work on JF-17?

The story begins in 1995, when Pakistan and China signed an agreement related to JF-17. The first test model of this aircraft was prepared in 2003 and in 2010, the Pakistani Air Force included the JF-17 Thunder in its fleet for the first time.

Mikoyan, a Russian company producing a MiG aircraft, also joined the project. The Pakistan Air Force designed the JF-17 Thunder to replace the Mirage, F-7 and A-5 aircraft.

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