OMG: These 4 Bollywood stars did not get respect even after death, 1 was begging on the streets …. !!

There are many stars in the Bollywood film world who have said goodbye to the world and many big stars came to their house for their last darshan and many people attended their funeral too. But some such stars also happened to be anonymous after being a hit in the Bollywood world for a few years, and these stars died in oblivion. After his death, no one had reached his last vision. Let’s know about these stars!

Sadashiv Amrapurkar

Sadashiv, a well-known actor in the Bollywood film world, has portrayed villains, comedians, emotional in every way, but very few Bollywood stars mourned his death, and many Bollywood stars did not attend the last trip.

Parveen Bobby

Eminent actress Parveen Babi, a famous actress of her time, died in 2005 due to mental illness, her body was found three days after her death. According to the report of the doctors, she was hungry for many days because there was no piece of food in her stomach. He was cremated by doctors.

Geetanjali Nagpal

The popular actress of the 90s was found begging on the streets of Delhi, she was later admitted to the hospital where she died.

Taram Panchal

Sitaram Panchal had earned a lot of wealth and fame in his Bollywood career, but he did not have any money left for treatment at the last minute. In the last days Sitaram Panchal was battling kidney and lung cancer. He died in August 2017.

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