Not eating eggs or chicken for fear of bird flu? Clear up your misconceptions

After corona in India, a new virus has come out named bird flu, this virus has spread rapidly and has been captured in 7 states of India. At the same time, due to the spread of this virus, the risk of it continues to increase between people. At the same time, the state governments are adopting many measures to control bird flu. Where the rules were made to avoid corona, the same rules can protect humans from this virus too.

Bird flu

In such a big question is coming in the mind of the people that whether or not eating egg meat is safe due to this virus, let us know what measures should be taken to be safe from bird flu.

What is bird flu

Bird flu

Let me tell you a bird flu Viral An infection that spreads from one bird to another. This flu is also called avian influenza. According to the information received, the most dangerous form of bird flu is H5N1, which is highly contagious. This virus is so dangerous that it can easily spread from birds to other animals. Which can be fatal. If the treatment is not received on time, then the risk of it can increase by 10 times, which can easily lead to the death of any animal or human being.

Now let’s talk about the questions related to bird flu

Can bird flu occur in humans

Bird flu

Yes, bird flu can spread from infected birds to humans. Do not consume meat to avoid this, if you are buying, then open market Do not buy from

Bird flu

Yes, if the egg is cooked well then this virus can be avoided, but if our experts agree, it will be better if the egg and meat is not consumed until the risk of bird flu is averted.

Bird flu

Yes, it can be avoided, as soon as you see the symptoms of this virus, see a doctor immediately. And also use masks.

Bird flu

Yes, if your pet is in the grip of this flu, then make a distance from your animal, and repeatedly sanitize the hands.

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