Nora Fatehi told- the casting director had called home, cried a lot, wanted to go back

Nora Fatehi recently recalled her days when she was a newcomer to the industry, when a casting director treated her like this…

New Delhi, Jan 08: Foreigner Bala Nora Fatehi has managed to make a name for herself in Bollywood, she is known for her beautifully overpowered dance and for her superb dressing sense. Nora has traveled from Canada to India to enter Bollywood. However, when Nora initially reached the industry, she also had to go through a difficult period. Nora spoke of her struggle days on Kareena’s show.

Nora spoke openly
Nora recently shared Kareena Kapoor’s chat show What Woman Wants In the first days, she told that she was preparing to return home due to the bad behavior of a casting director. Nora told on the show that she did not know anyone in the country when she came to India from Canada. During that time he met a casting director, the experience of this meeting was very bad for him.

Nora was insulted
Nora told that she was once called home by a casting director and was very scolded. Nora was so saddened by her behavior that she had decided to leave India. The actress told that the casting director had even called her talentless. He said that there are many people here like you. He yelled at me She was She was screaming that you lack skill, we do not want you in this industry. Nora did not share the name of the casting director.

Nora Fatehi cried a lot
Nora said to Kareena that she was very hurt by the way the director spoke. They wondered if they gave me nora Fatehi 3Just called to shout at me. Then I was new in this country, so I thought that everyone here behaves like this, calling people home and shouting at them. However, Nora’s career today Moving on to Peak, all his previous songs have been superhit. Nora will also be seen in Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film Bhuj: The Pride of India.


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