Nitish Kumar said, mistake in identifying friend and foe

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party fiercely on Saturday. During the JDU state executive meeting, he said that at the time of elections he did not know who is his friend and who is the enemy?

It is clear from Nitish Kumar’s statement that his reference was to the ally BJP. This was further strengthened in the meeting when several JDU candidates who lost the elections were openly saying that the BJP and not the Lok Janshakti Party were responsible for their defeat.
At the state executive meeting of the Janata Dal United, several big leaders of the party simultaneously held the ally BJP responsible for the defeat of JDU. Not only this, these leaders alleged that BJP has stabbed JDU’s back. All these allegations were made in the presence of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and JDU President RCP Singh. The state executive meeting was held on Saturday at JDU’s state office.

As soon as the meeting started, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself wanted to know the opinion of the leaders on the election result. After this, more than half a dozen leaders of the party blamed the BJP for the defeat. Chandrika Rai, the brother-in-law of Lalu Prasad Yadav, who contested on JDU ticket leaving RJD, clearly said that his defeat was due to the fraud of BJP.

After this, JDU leaders Bogo Singh, Jai Kumar Singh, Lalan Paswan, Arun Manjhi and Asma Parveen opened the front against the BJP. In the meeting, former ministers Jai Kumar Singh and Lalan Paswan said that LJP had no status in the elections. BJP did the whole game. Now Nitish Kumar is going to address the State Council meeting on Sunday.

Party candidate Bogo Singh, who lost the election from Matihani Assembly, said that the slogan was echoing all over the election, LJP-BJP bhai-bhai. It cannot be denied that the JDU had to bear the brunt of this. It is very important to raise the truth. He said that BJP is more responsible than LJP in defeating JDU. LJP does not exist.

Talk on cabinet expansion also stuck

Let me tell you that on Friday, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had said that on the expansion of the cabinet, no talks have been done on behalf of the BJP so far. There was no discussion on cabinet expansion in the talks with BJP leaders. How will the cabinet expansion until the whole thing is done. Never before in cabinet expansion. I always extended the cabinet beforehand. In the meeting with BJP leaders there was discussion about the functioning of the government.

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