Never Forget To Touch This Place Otherwise It May Be With You

Friends, as you know, nature has created this world. Everything it has created is beautiful. There is a woman in it. Women lean forward. Great wars have been fought because of women and because of these the austerities of many sages and munis have been broken.

Women can break into a house and join it. They only bring happiness in the home so one should learn how to walk with women. According to Chan Kya one should never touch a part of a woman otherwise you will also become Khari. Friends, it is very strange that the scriptures say that there are some things that should be kept in mind.

n Hinduism, a woman is called a form of a goddess. Many people also worship women. The man was made strong so that he could protect the woman. A man should not have intercourse with a woman without her consent. If the woman wants to, then she should be treated with love


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