Nepal’s dreams hit a shock, water falls on nefarious plans

Kathmandu China, which has been following the gesture of Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, is seen slipping its land after the latest political crisis. This is the reason that China is sending its minister in a hurry amidst the commotion in the Communist Party in Nepal.

Deputy Minister of the International Department of the ruling Communist Party of China, Guo Yezhou, is coming to Nepal and it is believed that he may make a final attempt to settle the dispute between PM Oli and his rival Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’.

Priority of this visit of Chinese leader to Nepal Communist Party

Nepal's dreams hit a shock, water falls on nefarious plans

According to media reports, Chinese Deputy Minister Guo Yezhou is coming to the capital Kathmandu on Sunday. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hao Yankee has told about this visit of the Chinese leader during a meeting with the leaders of the Nepal Communist Party. This visit of the Chinese leader has been given a lot of priority in the Nepal Communist Party which has been torn to a large extent after PM Oli’s decision to dissolve the Parliament.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal met Prachanda

The media report said that during his visit to Nepal, the Chinese minister can meet the leaders of both the factions of the Nepal Communist Party. Earlier, the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal met with President Bidya Devi Bhandari, Prachanda, Madhav Kumar Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal. The Chinese Ambassador has put his full strength to save the Nepal Communist Party from break-up, but he does not see success.

Difficulty in communist party bad news for China

After the dissolution of Parliament in Nepal, there is an atmosphere of political uncertainty and the tussle continues. In Nepal, this political crisis has also affected its neighboring countries India and China. Nepal’s political and foreign affairs experts believe that problems in the Communist Party are bad news for China.

The anti-India sentiments started picking up after the Communist Party came to power in Nepal, but if the Communist Party weakens in Nepal, then Nepal’s experts are hoping to improve relations with India again.

Nepali experts advise India

Former Nepal Foreign Minister and Foreign Affairs Specialist Ramesh Nath Pandey while talking to NBT said that this is the fourth time in Nepal when Parliament has been dissolved because Nepali leaders have never discussed the shortcomings nor tried to fix it Of. He said that India’s institutional memory is weak when it comes to dealing with the neighboring country. India is looking forward to its global role but without good relations and trust from small neighbors, India cannot achieve this.

Nepali Communist Party’s proximity to China

Nepal’s political and international affairs expert Giza Sharma Wagle says that Nepal’s Communist Party and China have traditionally had close ties. Even when the Communist Party was united, China had an important role in it. China was always in favor of Party Unity because it was also in China’s interest. When the Communist Party came to power, anti-India sentiments were also encouraged and it was a Chinese-side government.

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