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Neha Kakkar made a bedroom video from her honeymoon, people said, “Oh shame!”


Bollywood’s well-known singer Neha Kakkar is enjoying her honeymoon in Dubai these days and it seems as if her life is going perfectly and most people believe that yes Neha She is living a very good life and after marriage, her own life has become very happy and it is clearly visible in the pictures. But on such a honeymoon, people started saying that Neha ji is too much.

In fact, recently Neha is sharing a video from her bedroom in which she is in a very romantic mood, as well as she is showing that the coming baby is also waiting. Is not speaking but it is known by gestures.

Somewhere or not, people are reacting to these things in their own way. Somebody is saying that oh now just do this too much, so many people are saying that whatever Neha does, it is cute, we have no problem in it. Well, whatever it is, it is good and true in itself that Neha Kakkar is cherishing her life.

Neha, who has been broken after the break up, has now got a loving person like Rohanpreet who takes care of her very well and completely. The closes between Rohanpreet and Neha have come to know only by looking at the pictures. This shows their great love for each other.

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