Nana Patekar possesses crores of property, yet today is spending this kind of life, see some special pictures

There have been many such actors in our Bollywood industry who are still known for their acting and these actors have created a different place in everyone’s heart with their strong acting and among them, they are Bollywood’s legendary actors Nana. Patekar, who is one of the most well-known superstars of Bollywood, and his style of acting is very different from other actors and this is the reason why fans still like Nana Patekar and like to watch his films.

Nana Patekar’s acting is so powerful that even today people are crazy about his dialogues and he lives in whatever role he appears in films and whether it is an action film or a comedy, Nana Patekar is our He is a very different type of actor in the film world and has worked in many hits in his career and his pairing with Raj Kumar in the film Tiranga is still very much liked by the audience and the role of Nana Patekar in that film People have not forgotten even today.

Tell me, the way Nana Patekar appears in films in a very simple way, he lives the same life in real life and even today, despite having wealth of crores, Nana Patekar likes to live a very simple life.

Tell me, Nana Patekar has been away from acting for a long time and now he is spending his life with his family and family.

Tell that Nana Patekar has worked in Bollywood as well as Marathi films, and despite being such a big superstar, Nana Patekar likes to live a very simple life and does not show up.

Let me tell you that in today’s present time Nana Patekar has a total property of 40 crores and in addition, he is also very fond of his best cars and has a great collection of luxury cars.

Along with this, he also has a farm house which he has recently bought in Jadik Khadakwasla, Mumbai which is very big and it is spread over the entire 25 acres and this magnificent farm house of Nana Patekar has 7 big There are large rooms and apart from that there is also a big hall and it looks very luxurious from inside. Often, Nana Patekar spends his free time in this farm house.

Let me tell you, Nana Patekar is also very fond of farming, and he also works with the laborers in his farm house and gets them to produce a good crop and by selling those crops in the market, whatever the income is Nana Patekar distributes it among the workers and they do not take any part of it and this shows how generous people are.


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