Muslim soldier seated on the shoulder of a Hindu woman and transported to Tirumala temple

It is said that the spirit of a soldier is above caste religion. The same passion and religious harmony has been seen in Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh. Let me tell you that a Muslim soldier became an accomplice here in completing the worship of Venkateswara to a woman. This Muslim jawan covered a Hindu woman and traveled 6 kilometers on her shoulder. This soldier took the woman to the temple of Tirumala, and this Hindu woman was able to worship Lord Venkateswara.

Actually, 58-year-old Mangi Nageswaramma had gone on a two-day visit to the Tirumala temple, the journey was taking it on foot, but in the mid-journey, his health deteriorated. Due to deteriorating health, he was not even going. The distance to Tirumala temple was 6 kilometers from where she was. Meanwhile, constable Sheikh Arshad first took Mangi Nageswaramma to the hospital.

After this, he placed Mangi Nageswaramma on his shoulders and reached the Tirumala temple located 6 kilometers away. During this time, the path he crossed was quite forest. Along with them, there was also another constable who seated the old Nageswara Rao on the shoulder and brought him to the road, from where he could catch a vehicle and go to his house.

Please tell that Mangi Nageswaramma left from Nandalur for this trip to Tirumala but on the afternoon of 22 December, during the journey, he had a problem of high blood pressure. During this time, the soldiers of Kadapa district were posted to look after the pilgrims. It was then that Constable Sheikh Arshad saw Mangi Nageswaramma and helped him. The senior officer is also praising this soldier’s work. All the passengers of Tirumala are praising him.

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