Muslim family bathes their girl

A Muslim family of Kachla has unwavering faith in the Ganges. The couple of the family sought Ganga’s daughter’s vow. When his wish was fulfilled, the family celebrated. On Tuesday, on the day of Gurupurnima, the family paid tribute to the daughter Mahira by taking a bath in the Ganges. On the day of Guru Purnima, lakhs of devotees took a dip in the Ganges at Bhagirath Ghat in Kachla. A Muslim family shocked everyone among them. Salman and Raju, a resident of Kachla, are members of the same family.

On Tuesday, Raju reached Kachla Ghat with his wife Gulshan, Salman with his wife Gulishta and children. The family worshiped there after bathing in the Ganges. Gulshan has told that his family believes in Ganga. With the blessings of Ganga Mayya, she has a daughter named Mahira. The baby girl is almost four months old. She came to thank Ganga for her birth. He also sought a vow for the girl’s health and a better future.

Ganga’s faith revealed in in-laws

In two women of the Muslim family of Kachla, one got married three and one five years ago. After Nikah, she came to the in-laws in Kachla. Here she hesitated for a few days on the faith of her in-laws towards Ganga but now she also takes bath in Ganga. He has told that Ganga Mayya has always fulfilled his vow.

Mundan also provides family

If Gulshan and Gulista are to be believed, their family is not only believing in Ganga. Rather, they also follow customs. When the child grows up, the Ganges coast of the child will be shaved.

Unhappy relative to family

Kachla residents Raju and Salman’s relatives have also made distances due to family customs. Even after this, the family members have not left the faith in Ganga.

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