Mumbai beat Blasters in first match of the year, reached top

Goa, 2 January (IANS) Mumbai City FC topped the points table of the seventh season of the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) by beating Kerala Blasters 2–0 in the first match of the new year on Saturday.

Mumbai has a sixth win in eight matches this season. He has 19 points in his account and he has overtaken ATK Mohun Bagan (17), who reached the top by playing a draw before the break last year. FC Goa are in third place with 14 points. The Blasters have lost their fourth in eight matches and have slipped to ninth place in the points table.

Mumbai got their dream debut in the first match being played after the break of New Year. He scored two goals in the first half to take a 2–0 lead. Both goals occurred in the first 15 minutes.

The first goal was scored on the penalty achieved in the second minute while the second goal was scored in the 11th minute. Both goals were played by Hugo Boumos, who was returning after recovering from injury. Although Adam Lefondre scored the first goal of the match in the third minute, it was scored by penalty Boumos. In the second minute, Boumos was dropped by Costa Namonesu in the box.

The Blasters’ goalkeeper Albino Gomes, though making a good effort, almost foul the penalty but despite all his efforts, the ball hit his feet and went into the net. Lefondre scored his sixth goal of the season.

The second goal went to Boumos but it was assisted by Ahmed Zhao. Boumos cleverly dodged Gomes to score and put his team ahead 2–0.

Despite trailing 0–2, the Blasters did this? I made many good chances but luck did not support him as the Mumbai defender under Motarda Fall was careful.

In the first 15 minutes of the second half there was no big chance. The Blasters were trying relentlessly but the Mumbai defense denied them each time. In the desire of goal, the Blasters took out Lalthathanga Khaolaring and took Rahul KP inside.

The Blasters created a big chance in the 66th minute but their players could not take advantage. The Mumbai defenders looked as cautious while the Blasters’ forwards remained loose. Goalscorer Boumos of Mumbai joined the referee’s bad book in the 68th minute.

Two minutes later, Blasters defender Sandeep Singh was booked for dropping Boumos in the box and the referee also gave a second penalty against the Blasters. This time Boumos took a penalty kick but Gomes saved the Blasters from 0–3, serving his third penalty of the season.

Mumbai made two changes in the 74th minute and one change in the 77th minute. Similarly, in the 80th minute, the Blasters took out Sahal Samad and took Satyasen Singh in. On arrival, Singh launched a good attack but luck did not support him. In the 85th minute, Hernan Santana of Mumbai got a yellow card.

After this there was a round of changes but no team got a chance to score goals. And? In this way, Mumbai won the match, scoring three points while retaining their first half score and once again reached the top of the points table.



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