Mukesh Ambani tweeted in support of farmers movement Know what is the whole truth

Farmers from different parts of the country are protesting against the new agricultural law in the capital Delhi these days. In such a situation, the screenshots of some tweets are becoming quite viral on social media. Taking this screenshot, it is being claimed that this tweet has been done by Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries.

Many things have been written about the farmers in the viral tweet. At the same time, Congress and other opposition parties have also been targeted. In such a situation, the question arises whether Mukesh Ambani is really targeting farmers and opposition by tweeting. Know what is the truth of the whole matter…

Significantly, farmers coming from different parts of the country are protesting against the government in Delhi, the capital of the country, regarding the 3 new agricultural laws. They are also demanding withdrawal of these laws. So at the same time, the farmers are also alleging that the government has enacted new agricultural laws to benefit the corporate companies. In such a situation, farmers have now opened a front against the Adani-Ambani company. During this, he also burnt effigies of Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani.

During this protest, some of the tweets suddenly went viral on social media and it was claimed that the tweet was done by Mukesh Ambani’s twitter handle, which states that farmers used to commit hunger during the Congress rule. And under the rule of Modi ji, farmers are roaming in Delhi with ration of 6 months.

In such a situation, when the matter was investigated, it was found that the Twitter account which is being linked to the farmers’ movement is not Mukesh Ambani’s account. The PR team of Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Industries Ltd has also confirmed this. In response to the tweet from this account, a lot of people are addressing this user as ‘sir’, so obviously people are considering it as Mukesh Ambani’s real account.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the handle of this Twitter account is  @ mukeshambani01  Mukesh Ambani. It was made in the month of April and so far it has more than 21000 followers. Apart from these tweets in the Twitter account, many other such things have also been seen which is wrong. This is not the real Twitter account of Mukesh Ambani.

There have been a number of frequent tweets from the twitter handle to the peasant movement. Investigation revealed that many tweets have been made on this Twitter handle, in which the same hashtag has been used. # Modi is the pride of farmers… With this hashtag a series of tweeters have been tweeted.

In such a situation, after investigation, it has become clear that the tweets have not been made from the official account of Mukesh Ambani. The PR team of Mukesh Ambani has also confirmed this. In such a situation, people are trying to confuse people by tweeting about the farmers movement through this fake account.


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