Mother put camera in daughter’s bedroom, then showed something like this

Today’s post is related to Ashley Limaye, a woman living in a small town in the US state of Mississippi who lives with her husband and four children. Ashley used to be very upset with her children, because they used to be very fussy throughout the day. Along with all this, his fourth daughter, who was only 4 years old, had a serious problem of seizures, which had to be closely monitored.

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Mother put camera in daughter's bedroom, then something like this shook the soul

Ashley lives in a small town in the US state of Mississippi with her husband and four children. Her children never sit calm, fidget throughout the day, sometimes play hide and seek, sometimes play toys and sometimes do make-up. Many times the children did not rest even ten minutes a day and used to run all over the house. But Ashley’s biggest problem was not the hustle and caper of children.

Did this to keep an eye on the daughter

Mother put camera in daughter's bedroom, then something like this shook the soul

Her only four-year-old daughter has an illness in which she periodically experiences epilepsy. This situation is not fatal but it is necessary to keep a close watch on it. This is the reason why Ashley kept looking for something. Ashley works as a researcher in an evening shift in a hospital and therefore cannot keep an eye on her daughter all the time. Her husband could also do this, but he felt that would not be enough. That is why he did something that could be completely relaxed.

Black Friday sale had arrived and Ashley noticed that the “ring security system” cameras are having good discounts. Ashley immediately buys a camera thinking that this will end her problem. A few days after installing the camera, something happened that was very strange.

It was the day of December 4 when 8-year-old Alyssa heard some strange sounds from her sister’s bedroom. Alyssa curiously enters the bedroom. As soon as she came to the bedroom she heard something that scared her…

Unknown voice started talking to him

Mother put camera in daughter's bedroom, then something like this shook the soul

Just then, an unknown voice started talking to him. “Hello,” came a man’s voice. Alyssa was completely shocked. He had never heard such a voice before and could not even understand where the voice was coming from? He wandered all over the room, picking up toys and seeing where the voice was coming from. But then something happened that frightened her badly… Suddenly she started shouting an unintelligible voice and talking in a loud way.

When Elisa could not bear, she also shouted, “What are you saying?” I can’t hear it properly! ” The child was very nervous and could not understand what to do. But if you think that this ghostly experience had ended here then it was not so, then suddenly the camera started playing the tune of the song of a horror film. After listening to this, Alyssa could not manage and was very scared.

The hacker told Alyssa to make fun of her mother, abuse her. Alyssa could not stand it and started crying. Then came a voice from the camera: “Hey, daughter, talk to me!” In response, Alyssa cried crying: “Mummy, what are you?” The answer the hacker gave was a bit strange.

Hacker creepy voice

Mother put camera in daughter's bedroom, then something like this shook the soul

The hacker said in a creepy voice, “I am your best friend. You can do whatever you want. If you want, turn this room completely; Break the TV, come to mind! ” “who are you?” Alyssa said fearfully again. Soon he came to know something, just wait, you will know who he was…

Finally, when the camera said, “I am your time,” Alyssa could not resist herself and shouted, “I don’t know who you are?” And ran out of the room. At first, Alyssa’s parents did not understand what happened. Ashley received a call from her husband in which he seemed upset… her husband asked if she was not joking with the children.

Ashley pointed out that there was nothing like this. Ashley then looked into the ring app and understood that the bedroom sound was not her husband’s. She immediately left work and ran home. On reaching home, he called the ring company that maybe these people could tell something…

Ashley tries to think of what the hacker wanted: “I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that I have four daughters and the hacker is trying to gain their trust.” They finally removed the camera from the bedroom but they did not know how many things the hacker had. Shortly afterward, he came to know something that was quite shocking… the ring company finally accepted in response to the email that “

Different types of activities have been observed. The Lame family was not satisfied with the reply and continued to try to contact the company. Every time, he used to listen to the recorded message. After three days, finally he was able to talk to the company.

Instead of apologizing, the company man said why he had not put a strong password in his camera. Ashley was very angry and felt that the company considered her stupid. He shouted over the phone that the ring company’s answer was absolutely nonsense and the company should be ashamed.

The ring company said that they would take the matter very seriously and find a solution to the problem. But that much was not enough for the family. All four of their daughters have nightmares that night and Alyssa’s situation has worsened. After this incident, at least the ring company was forced to think about some of the flaws in its product.

It is not easy for this family to forget what happened that day, especially the children will never forget. This is a living example that it is not necessary that modern technology always provides the right security. So always keep in mind that you are aware of the dangers of new technology.

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