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Mirzapur’s Golu real life is very hot and glamorous, see photos


Mirzapur has been a very successful series in itself, which you can probably add to India’s Top Most Famous Web Series and the love of the people and the passion for it is really worth watching. Now the series has become famous, then its actors were also apparently going to be famous.

Well today we are talking about one of them and quite popular actress who you all know by the name of Golu. The same Golu who does nothing to avenge his sister with Guddu Bhaiya? In the series, he looks quite rough and tough but the same Golu looks much different in real life.

And that look is very hot and glamorous, there is no doubt about it. The real life of Golu’s actress is named Shweta Tripathi and she is a very good and emerging actress in Bollywood these days. Shweta has worked in films like Masan, Kargo and Trisha during her career.

And with all the films, it has proved to be very popular. No one can deny the fact that people have liked their style anywhere. Well, whatever it is, it is really popular with this series and in the future it is expected that it will do something similar.

Although she is less active on social media, yet she is becoming quite famous in other places and in the coming times, you can expect to see many big projects related to Golu etc.

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