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Malaika is looking very hot while having fun in the mountains. See photos


We know Malaika Arora quite well, who has been a very well known and famous actress in her own right and has got a brand name on the internet and for this reason Malaika remains very popular. Most people know this thing and if we talk about it now, Malaika is once again in the discussion and the reason behind it is her vacation.

Actually Malaika has gone with her friend Kareena Kapoor and her family to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to celebrate the holidays and from that, she has shared many of her lovely and beautiful pictures with the people, in which she is really amazing Is looking for

Even seeing this, many people started to ask that where did you leave Arjun Kapoor because nowadays, even after divorce, Malaika goes to somewhere where she often roams with Arjun Kapoor only and only With whom he is in relation

But from the present point of view, perhaps she is on a family trip and she is enjoying it only. This thing is also right in itself because a person needs change at some time for which he spends time and also gives a lot of his time.

Usually such things happen and Malaika’s fans also like to see her because she looks so amazing that people just keep looking at them for once and then Malaika also gives herself this age Too much is maintained.

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