Left the stolen car back, kept a letter with it written – ‘I am a forced father and ..’

You must have heard of many theft incidents. But nobody ever came to know what would be the reason behind such a big deception. FIRs are also filed, they rot in jail for many years on charges of theft. We are not going to support any thief, but will have to deal with an incident which will melt your heart too. Actually there is a thief who returned the stolen bike and also gave a letter along with it. It turned out that in that letter, he has also written his compulsive statement which after reading, you too will be swept away in compassion, let’s read that letter.

Actually this incident happened in Safedabad, Haryana, when the bike parked at a distance from the crematorium was stolen. The name of the owner of the bike is still unknown, but the whole incident of theft has come in the footage of the CCTV camera of the nearest shop. The investigation of that theft had just started, 3 days later, the bike was found standing back at the same place from where it was stolen. The thief had returned the bike and left a letter with him.

What was written in the letter

This letter was pasted on the headlight of the bike so that anyone can read it easily. In this letter related to feelings, it was written – ‘Respected brother, I had stolen this bike and a huge compulsion was hidden behind it. Then I only needed a bike for a day. The boy involved in the theft has no involvement in it, only I am responsible for it. I am a resident of Fatehabad and this is the first time I have been accused of stealing a bike. I was helpless, so I had to steal it forcefully, please do not take any police action, I am a poor and forced father. With this much said, he also said that he would come home and hand over the remaining parts like tank and car paper to the owner.

The video of the theft was viral

For your information, let us know that live video of this theft was recorded in the nearby CCTV footage, which was leaked on social media by someone. In this you can see well that 2 people are seen staring in the cremation street and on seeing the opportunity, they escaped with the bike parked there. Listening to the people, some people are considering the video leaks as the real reason for the return of the bike because with the help of this, thieves could be caught easily. But after reading that letter, you too can understand the compulsion of the thief, how he showed his helplessness and also promised to come to the owner’s house. This is the first time that a thief has told his helplessness and returned the goods of thieves.

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