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Karisma told the shaky reality behind kissing Aamir Khan, for 3 days


Karisma Kapoor has been a very big actress in her time, and the kind of name that has been famous for her for a long time, it tells that Kareena is a very big name in herself and is always going to be someone There is no doubt. Now Karisma has given many amazing scenes etc. But her film Raja Hindustani is remembered very much by the people and people have also liked it very much.

But if you remember, there was a very strong kissing scene of Aamir Khan and Karisma Kapoor in this film, and if you tell the situation that Karisma Kapoor was in filming this kissing scene, then even once For this you can also say that it is simmering.

Karishma Kapoor tells that when she had to do this scene, it was 1996 and then she was very nervous. This scene was very much discussed but many people do not know that I was shivering while doing this scene. It took us three days just to do this kissing scene. I was shivering in this scene thinking that I do not know when it will end. One, this scene was shot at six o’clock in the evening and above.

However, there is one thing on everything that it proved to be a huge and hit film in Karisma Kapoor’s career that won her heart and people have loved her very much for the reason that they are such big hits. Had given the film

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