Kapil Sharma Show Artist Spoiled Grief, Said – Bahu does it, no one can understand our pain…

The famous Kapil Sharma show is often in Bura and the actors working on the Kapil Sharma show also remain in the discussion. Actually one of these artists, that is, a video of Sudesh Lehri, previously seen in the Kapil Sharma Show has come out. And in this video, he is seen talking about his house. Actually, comedian Sudesh Lehri has shot and uploaded a video on social media, in the video he has told that the artists also have a grief that no one knows. After this, he has also told about his daughter-in-law that she stops him from eating and drinking.

Please tell that in the Sudesh video, Hello friends, as you know this is my wife’s love. We have always tried to make you people laugh. But no one can know how many sorrows keep going inside an artist, how sad he is. Today I am sharing this thing with you with great courage. At first it was forbidding me not to do such a thing .. By making a video, but we are having a problem, you may also know.

At the same time, Sudesh further says that there is a problem, if the person does not want it, then Mani gets married and thought that daughter-in-law will come. And will be like a daughter-in-law, but nothing is happening with us at all; I am interrupted till I eat and drink at home. It is stopped in every work. I know you can’t believe it. If it does not come, then see that it is sitting in front (Sudesh starts laughing as soon as he says this.

In this, Sudesh further says that he is not daughter-in-law but daughter. It has not given us daughter-in-law’s love, so I want to say today that we are very happy that we have not got daughter-in-law. If we consider our daughter-in-law as a daughter, it will also consider us as Mother Daddy. In this way, the daughter-in-law of Sudesh Lehri says that father is all right, but what you have said emotionally… only then he says that acting is acting. Then his daughter-in-law says – the acting was fine, but people will not think which one I stop with you?

However, Sudesh says that if you do, then I said that I keep on eating and drinking. If I start eating sweet – no father, don’t eat sweet, you will get sugar. If I eat ghee, then don’t eat it, your father will increase blood pressure. In this case, the mother of Sudesh also says- Yes, if you want to work, then I do not allow you to work – if you want to wash dishes or cook, then I do not let them cook.


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