Kangna got a big shock, court said violation of rules in building house, will JCB run again?

Kangana Ranaut, famous as Bollywood’s most controversial actress, and Maharashtra government have been under tension for some time. Kangana Ranaut, due to her statements, remains happy in the days to come.

These days Kangana Ranaut is making many statements about the peasant movement and due to these statements she is also embroiled in controversies. Kangana had made objectionable remarks about the peasant movement, due to which Kangna also had to face public opposition.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra court has also given a big blow to Kangana. According to sources, the court finally gave its verdict on the issue going on between Kangana Ranaut and BMC for the last 2 years. The case on which the case was going on between Kangana and BMC is related to Kangana Ranaut’s house in Mumbai. The matter had been in dispute for the last 2 years, BMC has accused Kangana that the construction of his house is illegal.

Kangana had also filed a petition in this court, and pleaded to stop the BMC proceedings. Kangna’s petition has been dismissed by the Dindoshi Civil Court in Mumbai. The court says that the rules have been violated by Kangana while constructing the house.

The court says that Kangana has converted three flats into one, it is against the rules. Kangana has committed a serious violation of the rules. The court has also said that Kangana could not legally prove the notice sent by BMC wrong. Therefore Kangana cannot get any relief in this matter. Kangana’s petition has been dismissed.

Let us tell you that in the year 2018, Kangana Ranaut bought three flats on the 5th floor of the building. The map of the three flats purchased was modified by Kangana. Kangana used the balcony of the flats as a balcony. Apart from this, many more illegal constructions have been done. The Dindoshi Civil Court has objected to this, rejecting the application of Kangana Ranaut. Now Kangana Ranaut can approach the High Court in this case.


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