Kangana Ranaut questioned Urmila Matondkar’s religion

Actress and Shiv Sena leader Urmila Matondkar recently bought an office. On this, Kangana Ranaut has taunted Urmila. Now the dispute between Urmila Matondkar and Kangana Ranaut does not seem to stop. In this tweet, Kangana was taunted about her religion.

At the end of the video that Urmila gave about her property, she says ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’. They also say that Kangana should not worry about her religion. Not only this, Kangana wrote tauntingly in her social media post, “Heard that you have converted for Nikah. Still proudly says Ganapati ji ki jai, nice to see it. ”

Issues like religion being raised in meaningless

Kangana Ranaut raised questions on Urmila Matondkar's conversion, the actress said she ...

Urmila said during an interview on Kangana’s tweet that ‘she need not worry about my religion. People are being led astray by appeasing the whole matter and meaninglessly raising issues like my religion. He does not have the guts to speak on real issues. He has tried to discredit my personal life, my husband’s name, my marriage and my in-laws, but that will not deter my morale. ‘ However, this dispute between Kangana and Urmila continues to grow.

This is how the dispute started

Kangana Ranaut raised questions on Urmila Matondkar's conversion, the actress said she ...

Recently, Urmila has bought a property worth three crores. On this, Kangana Ranaut tweeted and wrote, ‘Urmila ji, I had built my own houses with hard work, Congress is breaking them. I have only 25-30 cases to appease the BJP, I wish I were as intelligent as you and would have made the Congress happy. I turned out to be an idiot.

Urmila said, ‘I have heard the high thoughts that you have, but rather the whole country has heard. Today I want to tell you in front of the whole country that you choose the place and time, I will reach all the documents. I bought flats and offices with the money I earned in my 25–30 year career. I want to show you all these papers. The flat I bought was taken long before I joined politics. Urmila said all this through video.

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