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Kangana Ranaut caught up with IPS officer D Rupa who arrested CM, know who is this


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her impeccable style and lyrics more than films. In the coming days, she becomes a part of one of the new contraptions even though she does not want to. Now people did not forget his verbal war with Mumbai government that now his name is being taken with IPS officer D Rupa. Due to the fast-moving IPS officer D Rupa Kangana has been in the headlines continuously for the last few days. As a matter of fact, Kangana Ranaut also jumped in to participate in this war of words about not burning firecrackers on her Diwali. Not only this, the actress had demanded a suspension of D Rupa by placing a stigma on the police department. Let’s talk about who you are IPS D Rupa and why she is so much discussed: –

Actually, IPS D Roopa hails from Davanagere in Karnataka district. It was from here that he got his education and then after completing his studies, he started preparing for UPSC exam.

After this, he finally got success in the year 2000 and he passed the UPSC examination. Shortly after this, he joined IPS. His ranking was very good due to which he was given the cadre of Karnataka. Apart from D Roopa, his younger sister is an IRS officer.

After three years of duty i.e. in 2003, he married Munish Modgil. Munish is also an officer by profession like D Rupa. But he is an IAS. After marriage, they had two children, whose names are Anaga and Roshil.

D Rupa is known as the officer who arrested Madhya Pradesh CM Uma Bharti. In fact, Uma Bharti was found guilty of the Hubli riots in 1994, after which D Rupa detained Uma Bharti.

Apart from this, D Rupa also revealed the VIP treatment being received by Sasikala inside the jail. His talk had doubled Sasikala’s problems even more.

D Roopa has seen at least 40 transfers in her 20-year IPS career so far. One reason for this is that he is also believed to be involved with politicians. But she has always been serious about her uniform.

D Rupa is currently working as the Home Secretary of Karnataka. But after the talk of not burning his firecrackers on Diwali, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has screwed him and demanded to be suspended.

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