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Kajal Aggarwal, who is staying in a glass room surrounded by the sea on honeymoon, how much is a night’s price


Right now Kajal Aggarwal has gone on a honeymoon with her husband Gautam and her life has become beautiful in such a way that it is not possible to imagine, meaning ordinary people cannot think of that and said this This is the truth. Well, whatever we have now, we do not believe in their place of residence, but this time the place where Kajal Aggarwal is, is one of the most expensive and most luxurious places in the world, where she is celebrating her life.

The name of the hotel where it is located is The Muraca and it is present in Maldives which is managed by Hilton, a very famous hotel group, and Ahmed Salim has built it. This is actually the world’s first and most beautiful underwater villa.

That is, the rooms in it are under the sea and are transparent so that you can feel and see that beautiful view of the sea. Talk about stopping it, it will cost you 50 thousand dollars a night to stay in it, if seen in rupees, then it sits at least 35 lakh rupees per night and it is much more expensive. If you spend three nights here, your bill will become crores of rupees.

But even those who have a lot of money, like Kajal and Gautam, can afford it very easily and live and enjoy their life in a very comfortable way. It is believed that Kajal will soon return to India, after which she will soon return to her work in the same manner.

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