Justice For Jyoti Saha Ashok Nagar Delhi Girl Viral Video

Domestic Violence harassment & molested Case Of Jyoti Saha Justice For Jyoti Shah Ashok Nagar Delhi Girl Viral Video

It is getting very bad with astrology living in Delhi’s Ashok Nagar, she was married to the wishes of her parents, which will now be the happiest day of marriage. She started dying from her husband, everything was fine for a few days after marriage. It was as if there was little time for marriage, her family started believing her to make a video of her beating her every day for money, which we can not tell you how Jyoti comes to her house in the verification in the video below. You can see the photos of that girl whenever both the husband and wife came to the room, they used to make such a dirty video, it is all told in full detail in the video of Zee below, while both the husband and wife were in their room, then the girl would have no window. Whenever I used to watch their video, I used to open it and beat it and beat it a lot. Now when it was completed in the police, my mother and father drove the girl away from that boy too badly. Used to beat money for money, so far no one is listening or any one supports Anju, no one is eating school, now he is despicable for complete information Surely, I want to tell all of you that whatever people are reading this post around Delhi or unlucky city, go and help that girl. 


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