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JOKES – Wife tells husband – Listen, last night a thief came and he went to KISS me, husband – why didn’t you stop


Just like a good breeze, proper catering is required for human health, just like your smile is also considered very important for your health. But it is not less than a boon for your health.

Tell me that laughing keeps your mental and physical health very well and no disease wanders around you. Today we have brought some such funny jokes for you. After reading them, you too will be laughing and laughing. Let’s start this series of laughing laughs…

Table of Contents

1.Two samadhi were sitting together drinking liquor. First – I will make your peg
Second – make it today, I will sleep with a peg
First – how much water to add
Secondly – of course we do not drink water from the daughter

2.Wife (angrily): I am leaving home…
Husband (angrily): Yes, leave your life now
Wife: Just your habit of saying ‘Jaan’ always stops me…

3. Wife: You do not do any work in the manner?
Husband: Now what happened? What have I done?
Wife: The cylinder you had yesterday… Husband: Yes…
Wife: I do not know how to boil milk twice since yesterday, both of them burst.

4. The girl was sitting in the park with her boyfriend
Boyfriend – I feel like seeing your soft hands.
Girl – What do you think, sweetheart?
Boyfriend – Is it scratching with such long nails or cutting vegetables?

5. Pinky came home crying. Mother – What happened, why are you crying?
Pinky – Pappu kissed me.
Mother angry – why dare her so much.
Pinky – Yes, I just asked him what your mother and father do?

6. Santha was selling guava. One rupee two, one rupee two.
Banta – What are you giving, brother?
Santa – Guava is not visible. One rupee two, one rupee two.
Banta – What are you giving, brother? Santa (angry) – Should you kick in the ass

7. Girl – What should I do? Girl – Listen to me first.
Girl – Janu, give me a new laptop.
Boy – why did the old one go?
Girl – The old one is getting a new phone. (The boy is still unconscious)

8. Santha kisses the girl on the way
Judge – You are given a fine of 1000 rupees
Santa – Should I do another kiss?
Judge (angry) – Why? Santa – Oh I do not have holidays or 2000 note only.

9. A maniac was kissing empty paper again and again…

Second Maniac: What is this?

The first is Crazy: Love Letter.

Second Maniac: But it is empty.

First maniac: Nowadays the colloquium is closed.

10. Mintu Pappu: What is the difference between a married girl and a married boy?

Pappu: If the mangalsutra is hanging then the girl is married and if the man hangs the boy is married.

Friends, we hope you will like our jokes and if you like these jokes, then do share it with your friends.

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