Health Insurance For Family

Family Health Insurance

Family life insurance is a plan that covers your entire family in a premium policy and insurance money.  Such a health insurance scheme gives coverage to two members at the time of hospitalization or any insurance diagnosis.

You can give coverage for yourself, your children, your spouse on a floater insurance money that your family can claim the entire insurance money.  This plan can be customized according to the needs of the family.

In the current era where the epidemic is going on, your family’s health should be most important for you.  In order to get the right treatment to your family in rising medical expenses, health insurance is very important.  Nowadays coverage of Kovid-19 can also be added to the old floater family policy.

However, you can also get a special health insurance policy such as Corona Kavach policy for Kovid-19.  In this, the cost of all hospital treatment, domestic treatment and AYUSH treatment related to Kovid is attached.  It also pays medical equipment expenses for PPE kits, gloves, masks, oximeters, ventilators, foot covers etc.

If you want to buy a suitable insurance policy for your family, then you can compare them by looking at the best family health insurance policy on the policy market.

Benefits of taking family health insurance

The biggest beneficiaries of this are large families in which children and old people are born.  There are many other benefits with the family floater insurance plan which the insured family can avail.  You can take coverage of all ages of families under one plan.  Below are its benefits:

Relieving the worry of expenses of hospitalization

A health insurance plan taken for the whole family saves you from the expense of different insurance plans.  Also, you do not have to pay a separate premium for each family.  On hospitalization, the insured can get cashless treatment like a personal health insurance plan.  In this way all your family members will get good medical attention without compromising on the treatment.

Easily Insure New Members

You can easily add a new member to these insurance plans.  You have to get a new policy for a new member if you are covered personally.  If you are adding your parents to your plan, then keep in mind that the insurance money is more.  If even the eldest member dies or they are not eligible for coverage, then the rest of the family will continue to receive the benefits of health insurance coverage.

Cheap premium

You will not have to pay different premiums for everyone if you have health insurance for the family.  You can cover your spouse, children and parents in the same cheap plan.  However, considering the health of the parents, it is suggested to have a separate plan for them.

Get health insurance for your parents in the baggage scheme

The biggest advantage of this is that you can make your spouse and your parents secure health in a single plan.  On paying extra premium, you can also get personal health cover for your dependent parents and your in-laws.

Kovid health insurance for family

You can also get coronavirus health insurance for yourself and your family.  Nowadays all insurance companies also provide coronavirus treatment cover on the original insurance plan.  Many insurance companies have also issued Corona Special policies such as – Corona Armor Policy and Corona Guard Policy.  The Corona Kavach policy gives coverage on the basis of family floater and also incurs expenses for treatment of this virus and also medicines, PPE kits, ICU, doctor’s fees etc.

The Corona Guard Policy also provides in-person coverage from Kovid but with a minimum stay of 7 hours in hospital.  If you want to buy a different policy for everyone, then you can also take a corona protector policy.  Or you can ask your insurance company if your current plan has a corona cover.

Option to avail additional

Many additional benefits like sickness cover, maternity cover etc. are also available.  For example, young couples can also take maternity cover and cover for new baby.  However this is found under the waiting period clause.  You are requested if you are looking for your family with maternity cover

If you want to take, then read your policy terms and condition carefully.

Get a discount

Under the health insurance policy, you can also take advantage of the many benefits and discounts offered by the policy.  This is one of the easiest ways to protect the health of your family.

Benefit on health insurance premium

Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, there is a tax exemption on health insurance premiums.  If someone is paying health insurance premiums for himself and his family, he is eligible for the rebate.