Jayavel, who lived by begging, overturned luck

If along with the hard work of a person, his luck also starts supporting him, then he gets up from the road and reaches the sky directly. There is a similar story of Jayawale, a resident of Chennai. Since childhood, Jayavel used to live by begging on the road. His father’s shadow rose from his head in childhood, after which the whole family was shattered and could not even study. But luck has given him something that, today he is doing an education at a university in the United Kingdom. Let’s know how Jayavel got a chance to study in the United Kingdom

Jayavel, who lived by begging, overturned luck, got admission in Cambridge University

Road trip to university

His father died when Jayavel was only 3 years old. He is the eldest of his three siblings. After the father’s death, his mother became addicted to alcohol, due to which she could not even take care of the children. Due to the absence of parents on the head, the children were forced to wander and beg.

Uma and Muthuram, the founders of the Suyam Charitable Trust, changed the lives of Jayavel and his family. Uma and Muthuram took responsibility for the education of the three siblings, and got admission in Sirgu Montessori School.

After getting admission in school, the siblings started concentrating in studies and then did not look back and look back. After passing the Inter examination, Jayavel gave an entrance exam for admission to Cambridge University, in which she succeeded.

Jayavel received admission in a car-related course at Glyndwr University, where after the course was over, she enrolled in an aircraft maintenance course in the Philippines. Having achieved success in life, Jayavel now wants to work for poor children.

Jayavel, who lived by begging, overturned luck, got admission in Cambridge University

Jayavel wants to change the lives of begging children

Jayavel had taken a loan to study, which he now wants to repay. Javed says, ‘After repaying the loan, he will build a house for his mother and then spend all his money for the children who go begging on the road. Jayavel wants to change the lives of such children.

Jayavel says, ‘He will dedicate himself to the Suyam NGO and help the poor. Because whatever he is today is due to Uma and Muthuram, the founders of this institution ‘.

Inspirational story

Jayam’s fortune-changing Suyam NGO has also helped many other poor children. Chennai’s Suyam Foundation makes a future by begging on the street and getting other poor children enrolled in their schools. The story of Jayavel is also quite inspiring.

Hearing his story, it has been proved that, if anyone has the ability to change his life, he can definitely fly to the sky to fulfill his dreams.

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